Case Study:  Sympretek, Commercialisation strategy (2010-2012)


Sympretek, Inc. is an advanced technology company providing original solutions, innovative products, and strategies related to energy efficiency, intellectual property, and professional services. Sympretek is currently focusing on energy related products and intellectual property development, large scale computer systems integration, and performance engineering.

In 2010, Sympretek initiated the development of Vacuum insulating panels (VIPs), an innovative insulation material comprised of a highly porous core panel contained within an essentially gas tight envelope.

Project description

Sympretek needed market research for multiple new markets for a product having very little market presence. As such, Impacts.Ca was chosen for its ability to quickly assimilate new technology trends as well as its expertise in the green technology field. The project included multiple market research projects, due diligence, financial modelling as well as participating in the marketing strategy for the next three years.


Impacts.Ca research enabled Sympretek to develop a comprehensive market assessment, identifying the key success factors for a successful market entry, as well as developing an “abbreviated evaluation protocol” for new market segments.

“Jean-François did an outstanding job defining, researching, and delivering an insightful market assessment.  He quickly developed a broad understanding of the necessary work and of the associated market characteristics.  We found him to be highly creative, motivated, and effective.  We returned to use Jean-François on each subsequent iterations of this effort.” – Dennis Leggett, CEO