Market Intelligence

Some client require in-depth research, or broad market intelligence to move forward. We work with these clients to gather the needed data, through either primary or secondary sources, and help them make the best decisions.

Scale Venture Capital, United States (2008)

Scale Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in information technology companies across the United States. It focuses investments in four broad technology sectors: SaaS, cloud, mobile and Internet. In 2008, Scale Venture Capital was evaluating the emerging crowd sourcing marketplace. It wanted to evaluate the landscape and identify the best investment opportunities.

Impacts.Ca was tasked with doing a first evaluation run. Over 160 crowd sourcing start-ups were identified. For each potential opportunity, Impacts.Ca identified the business and revenue models, evaluated risk, and short-listed the top investment opportunities.

WSI Franchise, Canada (2009-2012)

WSI is the world’s leading Internet Marketing Franchise providing affordable Internet solutions to small and medium sized business. It has been in business since 1995 and has expanded to over 80 countries making it a true multi-national company.

WSI has retained Impacts.Ca for a variety of projects such as building over 40 country profiles to assist in international expansion, as well as completing due diligence for marketing and legal requirements.

PWN Gum, Australia (2009-2011)

PWN is a small nutraceutical start-up focusing on the exciting gaming market. It produces a mint flavoured gum that offers gamers better energy levels, enhanced cognitive functions and increases their gaming ability.

Impacts.Ca worked on a series of competitive intelligence project over a three year period, such as contacting and exchanging with chewing gum manufacturers who are available for contract work in Australasia and North America and who comply with a series of criteria as well as analysing current pricing opportunities and completed competitive analysis of existing competitors.