Marketing Strategy

Our Marketing Strategy project include all projects where clients (big and small) worked to turn marketing intelligence into actionable strategy. In these cases, we worked hand in hand with our clients to ensure they reached the market quickly and efficiently.

Tourism Malaysia (Fusion Brands projects), Malaysia (2006-2008)

In 2006, Tourism Malaysia initiated a large scale project to rebuild the Malaysian tourism image. Fusion Brand, one of the top Malaysian advertising agencies was retained to do a series of projects which included external brand audits, individual country brand plans and a brand manual for international tourism offices.

Impacts.Ca was selected to prepare the French speaking countries brand reports. Its mandate was expended to other countries (namely Australia and Japan), as well as building the framework for the global branding report and the global brand plan for the next five years.

RedRock Investments, United States (2011)

RedRock is a private investment company focusing on New Media Development and Real Estate Acquisition and development. The firms focus is creating websites and iPhone applications. Another major focus of the firm is developing real estate holdings. In 2011, RedRock was evaluating different opportunities in the nutraceutical space.

Impacts.Ca was retained to complete competitive intelligence and market research to evaluate the feasibility of a series of new products. Research included regulatory components and consumer trends. Impacts.Ca also contributed in long term market branding and commercialization.

Anderson & Co, Sweden (2010)

Anderson & Co has developed a series of medical devices for the healthcare industry, including monitoring device for patients with low mobility. With a strong presence in Scandinavian countries, this Swedish company turned outwards to expend in Europe and North America.

Impacts.Ca worked with key personnel to develop a commercialisation plan, which included a competitor analysis, market strategy as well a tradeshow strategy and advertising plan.