MRM Proteomics

Case Study:  MRM Proteomics, Voice-of-the-Customer (2017)


MRM Proteomics (MRMP) is at the leading edge of precision proteomics technology. They offer a wide range of proteomics services and easy-to-use kits. They are also involved in developing clinical diagnostics, and offer unique custom-tailored solutions for specific research projects.

At the onset of 2017, MRMP was about to engage in a new marketing campaign. As such, senior management wanted to leverage its current clients’ experiences, as well as resolving any outstanding issues.

Project description

Collaborating with MRMP staff, we designed a comprehensive data collection tool. We then performed a series of in-depth phone interviews with current & past MRMP clients. The objective was to identify how current products were used, issues with the current kits as well as opportunities for improvement.


Once the data was collected, we were able to review customer feedbacks, as well as identifying potential brand ambassadors who were truly impressed and satisfied with the product. These ambassadors were then leveraged through future marketing activities.


Jean-François has provided us with multiple market intelligence analysis and strategic recommendations in three different business segments, as well a comprehensive voice-of-the-customer report. Each projects report were professionally completed and delivered on time and within the agreed budget. Jean-François interacted professionally with us and has the capacity to accomplish a focussed detailed work that addresses our needs, but still having the full overview of the full market context in mind.  I would recommend Jean-François to any company or individual that needs professional business market intelligence services and that wishes quality in a cost conscious environment. – Claude LeDuc, CEO, MRM Proteomics