Infosys Technologies

Case Study:  Infosys Technologies, Canadian Market Integration (2007-2008)


Infosys Limited (NASDAQ: INFY) is an Indian based company, a leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing with revenues of US$ 7 billion. It has a global presence, with offices in the US, India, China, Australia, Japan, Middle East, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Canada and many other countries. Infosys and its subsidiaries have over 151 thousand employees as of June 30, 2012.

In 2007, Infosys was looking to expend it’s footprint in Canada. As such, it required specific local knowledge related to regulatory as well as cultural elements.

Project description

Impacts.Ca worked with Infosys personal to identify specific processes and practices followed in Canada by major retail and commercial banks, specifically for Retail Lending Products, Mortgage Products (Corporate & Retail) & Retirement products. It prepared a commercial strategy for the Canadian market, as well as educating project personnel so they can acquire in-depth understanding of the local environment.


Through a series of projects, Infosys was able to successfully develop and integrate the Canadian market. The information supplied by Impacts.Ca was invaluable for this market integration activity.

 “I recommend Impacts.Ca on a number of levels. If you are looking for a partner in a marketplace like Canada, you need someone you can trust, with local knowledge and a good network. Impacts.Ca has demonstrated those attributes, while showcasing a solid work ethic. He’s dedicated to deliver with a high level of quality, on time and within the agreed budget.” Sumit Srivastav, Lead Consultant, Product Strategy Group, Infosys Limited