The Technology Partnership

Case Study:  The Technology Partnership plc, Product Market Fit (2018)


The Technology Partnership (TTP) is a UK-based independent technology company where scientists and engineers collaborate to invent, design and develop new products and technologies. The company’s website can be found at

TTP has developed an innovative microfluidic cell sorter for research and clinical applications called the Cellular Highways ( Getting close to commercialization, the company had identified several features it could develop further. As such, it wished to complete a Product Market Fit (PMF) to optimize its product offering.

Project description

We started with some secondary research to identify and understand current users based on available information. This research was also used to understand the current market prior to contacting potential end-users. Impacts.Ca then worked with TTP personnel to build a data collection tool tailored to the specific client queries.  This was followed by one-to-one interviews with potential clients and end-users of the Cellular Highways product in both public and private companies. Once completed, we presented our results to the client.


This research validated the market opportunity, identifying key attributes for commercialization and enabled Impacts.Ca to build an “ideal customer profile” for the client’s therapeutic cell sorter in North America.

I first read JF’s book “The Handbook of Market Research for Life Science Companies” which was a real eye-opener about the challenges and techniques to do market research in the life sciences. I then contacted him – he was very friendly, helpful and informative. I requested his help to make an initial study of our product vision for a particular application, and he quickly defined a project with the scope of work that was precisely what I was looking for, at a very reasonable price. He rapidly collected primary market data in a short time for what is quite a complex product in a complicated rapidly-developing market, and his report provided us with the information that we needed. I look forward to working with JF again. – Salman Samson Rogers, Cellular Highways lead, The Technology Partnership plc (TTP)