Feasibility Reports

Impacts.Ca has worked with a number of clients to develop small feasibility reports to ascertain the viability of their projects. These reports focus on financial modeling, market sizing or both. Once completed, clients can use the data to move forward with business plans or decide to put their projects on hold as they re-evaluate their concept. These clients come from all industries, including life sciences, green technologies and information technologies.

Rajasthan Solar, India (2011)

Rajasthan was developing a solar farm in north-east India. The project was well structured, and had a number of investors ready to participate. As part of its own due diligence, Rajasthan Solar wanted a third party to prepare some financial models and evaluate the long term value of their solar farm.

Impacts.Ca developed a valuation model for the client, demonstrating long-term feasibility of the project based on current assumptions, and suggested a number of minor changes to optimize long-term value.

VetCare Distribution, United States (2010)

VetCare was looking to expend its activities into a specific veterinary therapy for the Californian market, but had a number of queries. For example, it wondered if the state market size could justify the company concentrating its effort there, or if a multi-state model was needed. Financial issues (such as initial investment and break-even point) were also of concern.

Impacts.Ca was retained to ascertain the feasibility of expending in this sector. Project included financial modeling, market review and competitive analysis.

Barris Holdings ,United States (2009-2010)

Barris Holdings was looking to develop an on-line marketplace for a specific population segment. Having done some of the research from a market perspective, the client was looking for assistance to evaluate the project from a financial angle.

Impacts.Ca worked with the client to evaluate the financial feasibility of the project. We built a series of financial models to expose risk factors in entering this market from the favoured angle.

Jash Investments, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2009)

Jash Investments was ascertaining the project feasibility of building a medical device production facility in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It had done extensive work on the financial and production models, but remained unsure on the market size, both from a local and regional perspective.

Impacts.Ca was brought in to evaluate the market feasibility of the project, working with the client to size the relevant markets, as well as evaluating the influence of international importers on the market.

MCM Investments (2009)

MCM was looking to import medical devices from China and India into the United States. While it needed some competitive intelligence related to the importation and sale of these devices in United States, it also needed information on Medicare reimbursement, as well as some assistance building financial models based on its business model.

As such, Impacts.Ca worked to develop a number of financial scenarios for the importation of the designated device, including importation and regulatory costs.