Sustainable Venture Partners

Case Study:  Sustainable Venture Partners, BioBowser Business Plan (2009)


Sustainable Venture Partners (SVP) is an Australian venture capital firm focusing on the emerging Asia Pacific Cleantech Markets, with a strong track record in establishing, acquiring, advising, financing and advocating for cleantech ventures.

SVP was involved in an exciting Australian innovation, the BioBowser®. This device is designed to be installed quickly and integrate with existing waste handling procedures at minimal cost with minimal disruption. It can treat between 500 kgs and 2,000kgs (feed-in volume at max 8% Total Solids) of organic waste per day. Suitable waste streams include animal manures, effluent, abattoir residues or food waste from processing facilities and large kitchens / canteens.

Project description

Impacts.Ca was retained to produce the business plan for mezzanine financing, which included marketing components and distribution model. Our expertise was leveraged in testing and validating the business model, as well as investigating alternative commercialization models.


Partners at SVP met with Spectrum Renewable Energy (SREL). SREL is a global biogas company dedicated to providing innovative renewable energy solutions for the organic waste management and agriculture sectors. SREL specializes in anaerobic digestion technologies. Following successful talks, a joint-venture was developed to commercialize the device in India.

 “Excellent work, the technology business plan has put our new business on a great footing from which to develop and grow.” – Fiona Waterhouse, Partner, Sustainable Venture Partners