Business Plans

Every year, we have the opportunity to complete business plans for new exciting projects around the world. Here are a few examples.

American Academy of Continuing Medical Education, United States / Middle East (2008)

The American Academy of Continuing Medical Education (AACME) was spearheading the development of a biotechnology science park in the Middle East. The Science Park was to operate four business units, enabling it to generate short term revenue and allowing it to become self-sufficient quickly in its business cycle.

Impacts.Ca was retained to complete a feasibility study and a business plan to ensure government funding.

Orange Power Systems (USA) (2012-2013)

Orange Power is a hydrogen fuel cell start-up company located in Wisconsin. It was contacted by an angel investor, who was looking to invest in the company but needed an customized executive business plan to complete its decision process (including custom-made financials)

Impacts.Ca provided guidance as well as preparing the key elements to insure the investor had the information on hand to complete its due diligence.

Utopit BV Worldwide Investments, Holland / Morocco (2010)

Utopit was promoting the development of a pre-cast concrete plant in Morocco. The plant is designed to supply the local housing market, as well as supplying the surrounding countries with a pre-cast concrete capacity of 500 thousand m2 per year.

Impacts.Ca was retained to prepare a business plan which was used to secure funding for the first stage of the manufacturing unit. Impacts.Ca also participated in developing the marketing and commercialization strategy as well refining the distribution strategy.

JustBIO, Canada (2009-2010)

JustBIO is an emerging Canadian biotechnology company. Its mission is to contribute to human health and wellness by offering healthy nutritional solutions. It has a patent portfolio that covers Stevia related innovations.

Impacts.Ca was retained to prepare multiple versions of the business plan. The plans were used for different financings, including mezzanine, venture capital fundraising and government funding. Impacts.Ca also contributed to commercialization and organizational models.